Stuart Dickson Produce
Austral Surveillance Goes Fresh
Stuart Dickson Produce Pty Ltd is a large fruit and vegetable wholesaler that is located at Sydney's Fresh Food Market at Flemington.

Stuart Dickson Produce staff start trade at the early hours of the morning, supplying fresh Beans, Berries, Brussel Sprouts, Capsicum, Carrots, Celery, Corn, Broccoli, Mangoes,Passionfruit, Peas, Rockmelons, Strawberries, Sweet Potato, Cherry Tomatoes, Zucchini, Lychee and other fruit and veg to many Sydney retailers and restaurants.

Austral Surveillance assists Stuart Dickson by allowing management to monitor the trading floor via CCTV and facilitate payroll via a Biomatch biometric time attendance system

Stuart Dickson Produce can be contacted on 02 9764 3788
and are located at Shed C, Sydney Flemington Markets.