Hunter River Remediation Project
Keeping an eye on the dredger
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Thiess Services has been awarded the Hunter River Remediation project (HRRP) by BHP Billiton. HRRP will clean up sediments in the Hunter River bed that have been affected by over 70 years of industrial activities by BHP's Newcastle Steelworks.

Thiess Services will undertake remediation works which include excavation, decontamination and disposal of the sediment. Upon completion, the project will deliver a cleaner river environment and will ensure that landowners and river users are able to effectively reuse the former Steelworks site.

Austral Surveillance was engaged to provide a wireless link to relay dredge platform telemetry between various site sheds over a 2KM distance.
It was also critical that any link established can provide a steady and clear signal whilst not interfering with other 2.4GHz wireless infrastructure in
around this massive site.

Our new
Tx1000SC wireless video transmitter was deployed as it offers effective video scrambling between transmitter and receiver allowing Thiess images to remain private and auto channel scanning that ensures all signals remain interference free

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