The MorphoAccess™(MA) is a fast, accurate, and versatile fingerprint biometric terminal designed for
high security installations, to increase security in physical access control systems. Most systems use      
conventional passwords or PINs (data known), or access cards (tokens presented), but they become
vulnerable to breach if these tokens are shared, lost, or stolen. Fingerprint biometrics, however, use
physical characteristics to validate each person’s unique identity. When used for identification, or
combined with other authentication methods, the MorphoAccess terminal intensifies security by allowing    
additional layers of identity verification (data known plus a token presented plus physical             
characteristics) to meet a broad range of security requirements. Matching accuracy is achieved through a
precision optical scanner and Morpho's leading fingerprint algorithms. Fingerprint processing is
remarkably quick for both 1:1 authentication against a contactless smart card or 1:many identification
against large databases. The MorphoAccess terminals are well suited for a variety of physical access applications due to their expandable database capacity, customizable operating parameters, easy interface with legacy, existing, or commercially available access control systems, and industry standard 10BaseT Ethernet, RS-422, and Wiegand communications. MorphoAccess is the ideal solution to increase identification, protect valuable property, and enhance security in physical access control systems.
· Fast High Quality Image capture
· 1:1 and 1:N authentication & Identification
· Standard 800 user 2-fingerprint database 
· Central management/ enrolment via MorphoManager Software
· Client /Server software
· 0.8 second finger authentication time
· Commercial access control system integration (IR Concept, IR   Integriti, Tecom Challenger via Wiegand 26bit)
· IP addressable 
· 10BaseT Ethernet, RS-422, and Wiegand
Sagem Morpho Access
Biometric Access Control System
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