16 Channel Commercial 5.8 GHz
High Power Stereo A/V Video Transmitter and Receiver 
Avoid interference on the crowded 2.4GHz ISM band. Video sender, 802,11b wireless LAN, Bluetooth, cordless phones, microwave ovens, can cause overcrowding and interference for items that transmit on the 2.4GHz band.
Beat the congestion and enjoy the reliability and assured picture quality a 5.8GHz     transmitter and receiver provides. Hassle-free sharing of audio and video signals all over your house, office, factory or shop without the inconvenience and cost of running wires.
This powerful 5.8GHz sender will ensure crystal clear reception with almost any audio video device you choose.

- 5.8GHz wireless AV transmitter (16 channel)
- 5.8GHz wireless AV receiver  (16 channel)
- 1000mW power output
- Omnidirectional antenna minimises multi-path and interference
- SMA female jack on transmitter and receiver allowing external antenna connection for improving range
- 100 - 1000+ metre line of sight range depending on ideal suroundings (low EMI and RFI) and transmitter and receiver antenna (below)
Whip on transmitter and receiver ~ 100 - 500m
Patch Antenna on transmitter and receiver ~ 500 - 700m
Parabolic Antenna on transmitter and receiver ~ 1000m+
- Supports either PAL or NTSC.
- Supports high S/N video output and stereo audio output

Please note that this transmitter exceeds ACA power output regulations. (10mW power output restriction) This unit produces a 1000mW power output so may contravene ACA regulations, thus should not be used in Australia. 


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High Power 5.8GHz wireless video sender transmitter with sma antenna socket,